Spectrum Title Services, LLC

Spectrum Title. LLC

I met Eric Jackwin, Esq, owner of Spectrum Title Services, LLC at a business building seminar.

It was one of those seminars where you get up and share your biggest victories over the past three months and plan the next three. I got up and said a few words about Pet Junction and the victories I felt that I had and sat back down as quickly as possible.

The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful and then we broke for lunch. When we came back after lunch Eric introduced himself and asked, “Did you say you publish a pet magazine?” I said, “Yes, I did!” He proceeded to pull up his pant leg to show me his sock, “I have to show you this. This is my dog, Buster!” He was wearing custom socks with his dog’s picture on them. I looked at Eric and said, “You are my people, sit right here beside me!” Needless to say, we became fast friends and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting while we laid out our plans to rule our respective worlds.

As the day ended we exchanged contact information and Eric was so excited to have the opportunity to support the Pet Junction mission by advertising and welcoming pets and their owners into his title company, Spectrum Title Services, LLC.

Spectrum Title Services, LLC is located in Fort Lauderdale off of South Federal Highway between 17th Street and ST Rd 84. A Connecticut native, Eric was recruited to Florida Atlantic University for swimming and diving. He developed a passion for real estate and became a real estate attorney and in the middle of 2017, Eric Jackwin took the reigns of Spectrum Title Services, LLC, and dedicated himself to the mission of putting customer service first.

According to Jackwin, “The purchase, sale or refinance of your property is not an easy decision and involves time, money, family and emotions.  We are here to work with you and to help you along the way. As real estate transactions can involve complications, you need a team that you can depend on to clear up any issues before Closing.  Our team works closely with real estate professionals to get you to the closing table.”

The icing on the cake is that Eric Jackwin, Esq. is a true animal lover and welcomes your furry (well-behaved) friends at Closing. He understands what true companions pets are and often brings his dog, Buster to work with him. “I want my clients to feel like their entire family is welcome here because they are! My wife and I see our pets like our children and we know you do, too. As long as they get along with other dogs and cats, bring them in, we’d love to meet them.”

By Shelly Allen

If you’d like more information about Spectrum Title Services, LLC click here.

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