Confused About Your Pets Health? It Shouldn’t Feel Like Rocket Science.

The experts at My Paleo Pet bring pet health back down to earth by providing healthy and balanced pet diets so you can worry less and enjoy your pets the way you are meant to!
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We get it. Dealing with a sick pet is not fun, and maintaining your pets health can be worrisome. We can’t help but worry about these little bundles of joy that we have brought into our lives. Keeping our pets healthy is job number one! The truth is, you shouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out a healthy diet for your pets. Now you don’t have to be, My Paleo Pet in Pompano Beach has done the hard work for you.

Formerly, Fiesta Pet Deli, My Paleo Pet has been designing healthy pet diets for over 15 years. Founders, Bill Piechocki, Animal Scientist, Pet Industry Specialist, and Nutritionist, and his colleague, Dr. Diane Sudduth, MS, DVM, MAPST, MPH joined forces back in 2006 to create healthy and holistic food for pets. The goal was to create natural foods, herbs, and other natural products that were of the utmost quality. This led to the birth of their BioComplete label which features meats, poultry, seafood, honey, and herbal products.

It all starts with a USDA human-grade raw pet food diet. Each meal is designed to give your pet the most bio-available nutrients packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to fuel energy and good health. What’s more, My Paleo Pet satisfies your pet’s need for variety by offering multiple diet options. Let’s face it, WE don’t like to eat the same thing every day and neither do our pets! You can choose from beef, poultry, fish, and even bison! In fact, it’s better to rotate between options to ensure your pet is getting the most benefit from its raw food diet.

While you’re at it, you may want to add some herbal supplements to your pet’s diet. My Paleo Pet offers many choices of herbs and herbal blends to support a healthy functioning body. Bill and Diane’s experience and expertise have allowed them to help pet owners help their pets deal with a variety of health challenges through diet and supplementation. In fact, Bill is readily available in the store to talk through your pet’s challenges and make suggestions.

Your Pets Health Depends On Healthy Choices.

We’ve heard time and time again how important diet and exercise is to maintaining our own health. It’s about choices and choosing a healthy lifestyle. Human health depends on making healthy choices. Pet health depends just as much on making healthy choices for your pet. If you want to submerge your pet in a healthy lifestyle, My Paleo Pet can help there, too.

My Paleo Pet Offers Much More Than Just Raw Food and Herbs for Your Pets Health.

Their BioComplete label offers treats and chews of all types. From chicken feet to beef jerky and everything in between. My Paleo Pet has a wide assortment of gently baked, all-natural treats for your pets. All are made with 100% Human Grade, USDA-approved products. No additives, preservatives, or hormones are added in. Shelf life is up to 1 year for storage even at room temperature.


Raw bones are always a dog favorite and you’ll find plenty of them at My Paleo Pet! It has been said that bone marrow actually contains more vitamins and minerals than the actual meat surrounding them. All of My Paleo Pet’s bones are hand-trimmed by their own butcher who provides a variety of cuts such as beef marrow center cut, femur, and minis.

Bone broths are a collagen-rich source that is beneficial for joints, teeth, allergies, digestion, and autoimmunity. At My Paleo Pet, all bone broths are made fresh in-house and all ingredients are clean and natural, human-grade, USDA-approved, and inspected. Bone broths are great to add to your pet’s food or can be served alone.

The state of Florida allows the sale of raw dairy for pet consumption and My Paleo Pet has a huge offering. They offer a variety of farm fresh raw dairy from locally raised, grass-fed cows and goats. Including butter (made in-house), cheese, cream, kefir, milk, smoothies, and yogurts. All of their raw dairy products are unprocessed, Non-GMO, and contain absolutely NO synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or toxic pesticides.

It’s No Secret that Healthy Food Supports A Healthy Body.

Your pet’s health shouldn’t feel like rocket science. Healthy food supports a healthy body in every mammal on the planet. Choosing a healthy diet for your pets is about choosing a healthy lifestyle for them. Quality food, plenty of exercise, lots of water, and of course, more love than they can handle. My Paleo Pet has the first part covered for you, so go in and talk to Bill. Explore your options and decide if their lifestyle choice is right for YOUR pets!

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