The Power of Energy in Health and Healing

The healthy body is a living mass of energy that by dynamics, needs to continually regenerate.
Power of Energy
By Bill Piechocki

Maintaining our pets’ health often seems like a very complex issue. First, we have veterinary medicine, with its approach that drugs and procedures are necessary to be healthy which makes this even more confusing and complicated. In addition, factor in our hectic lifestyles and our ever-expanding use of toxins in our environment, hence you have the recipe for a state of unhealthiness.

The healthy body is a living mass of energy that by dynamics, needs to continually regenerate. This electromagnetic dynamic is fueled by the health of our cellular mass and its interaction with the environment. The cells, in order to maintain and regenerate healthily, must have the cleanest air and water along with optimal species-appropriate clean foods.

The majority of control is in the food supply. We must select whole foods that our pets would eat in nature and deliver that nutrition in a form that most closely resembles how they would eat in nature. Their bodies are able to digest these natural foods with maximum efficiency and ease while extracting pure life energy within the food. This increases the metabolic energy and calories necessary to assist the body in promoting and maintaining a healthy balance.

A rotational diet is needed because a variety of foods have different structures and nutrients. Think of their bodies as a fireplace. When you build your fire, some wood burns fast and others slow, some produce a lot of heat and others not so much while some produce little or no smoke while others produce plenty. The same is true with food. Some build muscles and make them stronger, others promote the cells that protect and cleanse the body and others remove toxins and pathogens.

When our pets eat highly processed inappropriate foods and are forced to ingest toxins and unnatural chemicals in the form of drugs, vaccines, medicine, and treatments, we are destroying the life energy at the cellular level. These cells in their bodies are then replaced by weaker cells until they get to the point that they have what is called disease. What is commonly referred to as diseases are nothing more than chronic symptoms of these imbalances of energy. The lack of energy is what prevents the body from correcting and healing.

Yes, nutrition is the basis for most of the energy and it all comes from the earth. When we observe the healing minerals, they are actually energizing minerals within the body working to rebuild healthy cells. Massage and other modalities will also help move the living nutrients to the areas that are targeted.

The goal is to keep our pets not just alive but in an optimal state of health. Food is what we control the most but we can also improve our air quality by using high-quality air purification systems and by eliminating the use of synthetic toxic chemicals in our immediate environment. The same is true of our water. Clean, mineralized, living structured water will cleanse and energize the cells, creating even more healing metabolic energy. Combining all this life force energy will help us to create optimal health for all our pets.

Power of Energy

Bill Piechocki, a nutritionist, owns Fiesta Pet Deli in Pompano Beach, FL, and hosts the radio show. His 30 years in the animal field has provided unparalleled vision and information which he passes to his clients on a daily basis. He can be reached at, 800-940-7387 or at Fiesta Pet Deli, 954-971-2500.

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