Nine Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pet Friendly Hotel

Not all pet friendly hotels are made the same. Here are NINE must ask questions before you go!
Pet friendly hotel

1. Do they require health certificates or copies of vaccines?

As much as that can sound like a pain to get before a trip, it’s a safety measure that has all the guests in mind. What if you are nipped by a stranger’s dog who is staying there? Don’t you want to know that the dog is healthy, had a rabies shot recently, and is ok?

2. What are the rules for leaving a pet alone in the room?

Some hotels will say you can’t leave the dog alone and others will require that you bring your own crate. Some hotels may even have a boarding and daycare facility associated with them so you can bring your pup there while you check out the sights.

3. On the hotel grounds, where are you allowed to walk your pet?

Late night potty breaks mean that it would be good to know where on the hotel property your pet can go and if there are bags to clean up afterwards available.

4. Are there pet supplies available, such as dog bowls?

Some hotels have little pet packages of treats, a bed, and bowls. Others are more barebones and only offer a few treats.

5. Do they have a list or resource guide to the nearest dog parks, vets, pet-friendly restaurants in the area?

6. Are there off-leash and on-leash areas in the hotel?

Some dogs are not as happy to meet other dogs as yours might be and may show aggression when being approached. Ask the hotel what their rule is about entrances, exits, and public areas like the lobby.

7. Are there any restrictions based on size and breed?

While your dog might be ok and allowed, your best friend’s Dalmatian pit-bull mix might not be and that could toss a monkey wrench into your BFF vacation.

8. What’s the maximum number of pets per room (or guests allowed) and what are the fees?

The last thing you want to experience is being unable to check-in to the hotel because you have two dogs and they only accept one. Ask before you go.

9. Do they offer any extra services?

Some hotels offer dog-walking, dog-sitting, and other amenities for pets who are guests. It’s always good to check and gives you some flexibility in planning what you can do, and how long you can go out without worrying about your buddy.

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