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About Gentle Pet Crossing

Gentle Pet Crossing provides afterlife care services for pets.

We provide compassionate and reliable end-of-life and afterlife care for your pets!

Gentle Pet Crossing is a place of honor, dignity, and compassion located in Lake Worth, FL. We provide a comforting, welcoming, and supportive environment while we help you plan your pet’s afterlife care. We are a Pet funeral home that also offers euthanasia services— both in-home or on-site.

Gentle Pet Crossing provides afterlife care services for pets in the form of cremation through water or aquamation. Aquamation, like cremation by fire, reduces the body to its essential elements, but it is a gentler and more eco-friendly option than fire-based cremation. There are zero direct emissions to the atmosphere, and 90% less energy is used. Instead of cremation by fire or burial, consider the alternative cremation by water: aquamation.

With aquamation, you can expect 20 to 30% more remains back compared to cremation by fire. Not only is the process gentle, but each pet is placed in a separate compartment, so your pet’s remains never get mixed with another pet’s.

At Gentle Pet Crossing, we have a peaceful sanctuary and facilities for formal pet funeral gatherings where you can give your pet a peaceful, loving goodbye. Our staff works by appointment for funeral services on Saturday or Sunday.

Each owner receives their pet’s remains in a rosewood urn with a brass engraved nameplate along with a lock of hair and an aquamation certificate. We also offer a wide range of keepsake products, including memory portraits, urns, cremation jewelry, and more.

How To Use Our Pet Cremation – Aquamation Services

At Gentle Pet Crossing, we make using our services super easy. We partner with local vets but you do not need a vet to use our services. If you know the time has come, call us, we offer in-home euthanasia services.

We can also arrange euthanasia services in our sanctuary. If you’d rather work with your own veterinarian, that’s fine too. Just call us in advance and we’ll make the arrangements as you need them.

Gentle Pet Crossing Sanctuary view

About Aquamation

Aquamation is an alternate form of afterlife care service that is cremation through water. Unlike cremation by fire, aquamation is gentler and more eco-friendly, as aquamation uses only water and alkaline, which is a combination of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. This means there are zero direct emissions to the atmosphere, and less energy is used.

Like cremation by fire, aquamation reduces the body to its essential elements and ends with your pet’s remains – which are pure calcium phosphate – along with the wastewater used to decompose the body. The leftover remains and wastewater is additional differences between aquamation and fire-based cremation.

With cremation by fire, you can expect your pet’s remains to be mixed with other pets or for some remains to be completely lost during the burning. With aquamation, your pet is placed in a separate compartment so your pet’s remains are never mixed with other pets, and there is no chance of remains being lost because there is no burning with aquamation. This means you get 20 to 30% more remains.

As for the wastewater, it becomes sterile by the end of the cycle, meaning that any chemicals inside the pet’s body, such as euthanasia chemicals or medications are no longer active. This is a more eco-friendly option than cremation by fire in that there are no direct emissions to the atmosphere.

At Gentle Pet Crossing, we can process almost any domestic animal from cats and dogs to rodents and birds.

Visit our website for more information and about all of the services we provide.

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