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Aug 03
When Good Cats Go Bad

Joey is a skittish little cat. Cute as can be but a little bit of a weirdo. The…

Aug 03
My Happy Dog Has Taught Me 9 Amazing Things

Maybe one day, I will wake up as joyous and happy as my dog seems to be, but right…

Feb 18
HERbert the Limbless Crab that Saved 2020

I have known Tina Valant for a very long time, nearly 20 years. She is one of the most…

Jan 14
I Am Your Dog…

I am your dog...and I have a little something to whisper into your ear. 

Dec 03
Local Fort Lauderdale Veterinarian Formulates Pet Products that Work

According to Dr. Blair, "The most common presenting complaint in my animal hospital…

Nov 12
Pet Loss: It’s Never Easy

As I pondered my next move, I had questions. “Who do you use for the cremation…

Oct 09
where do pets come from?

A newly discovered chapter in the book of Genesis has provided the answer to the…

Apr 25
The Garbage Disposal: A Cat Short Story

A humorous story of a man. AND. HIS. KITTEN.

Sep 05
Maybe There Really is a Rainbow Bridge

"As the days passed and we lived our lives, Carmy grew older. Sometimes missing the…

Mar 08
Pet Therapy Can Combat Homesickness

"In the study, 44 first-year university students who self-identified as homesick were…