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Dog training is an important part of dog ownership and should not be neglected. Untrained dogs pose a threat to both themselves and others. Pet Junction presents the best dog training information available.

Feb 18
Problem Dog Breeds Can Be Trained Properly, Don’t Get Discouraged.

I have learned that like all other breeds, there are MANY ways to control aggressive…

Jun 12
Preventing Aggression In Your Pup

Remember, not every dog gives a warning growl before a bite, so you need to be aware…

Oct 24
Using Treats for Training

...if we allow dogs to take food from our hand it's harder to make them understand…

Apr 30
U.S. Postal Service Releases Annual Dog Attack City Rankings

"The Postal Service, joined by the American Humane, American Veterinary Medical…

Oct 17
Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Six Things You Should Know

"Contrary to myth, dogs do retain the capacity to learn even as they age. In fact,…

Apr 04
Dog Potty Training: It’s Never Too Late

Come up with a bathroom phrase. The bathroom phrase is a priceless step in the house…

Apr 04
11 Tips to Introduce Dogs to New People and Other Dogs

If you're having a new person come over to your home, you should keep your dog…

Mar 15
Bad Human! Training Yourself to Train Your Dog

Having a dog means providing a certain level of time and energy to it, especially to…

Sep 15
No More “No” With Dog Training

Try it. For one month remove the word “No,” from your vocabulary when dealing with…