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Dogs are man’s best friends. These posts offer valuable information for taking the best possible care of your dog.

Apr 04
How to Find the Right Dog Breed for You

The most popular breed of dog, according to the AKC, are Labrador retrievers. They're…

May 10
Is Your Dog Sick?

The normal temperature of a healthy dog is about 101-102 F. The best times to walk a…

May 10
Adopting Shelter Dogs or Rescue Dogs and Making It Work

Generally speaking, what you see in a dog at the shelter is what you will get. A dog…

Mar 13
Hot Weather Dog Care

Keeping your pet well groomed will help her hair do what it was designed to do:…

Sep 30
How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

People are becoming increasingly aware that food is at the heart of health. If you eat…