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Dogs are man’s best friends. These posts offer valuable information for taking the best possible care of your dog.

Apr 20
Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite: Effective Tips from a Pet Store Owner

Remember you do not want to make this a game, as the exercise will then become ineffective.

Jan 10
Can Treats Be Harmful to My Pet?

Why do our pets prefer certain treats over their food? All pets are similar to humans…

Jan 10
Successfully Manage Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Changes in behavior are some of the most common indicators of separation anxiety.

Aug 03
It’s Flea, Tick, and Dangerous Heartworm Season

A solution is understanding how the body functions and approaching it by building a…

Aug 03
My Happy Dog Has Taught Me 9 Amazing Things

Maybe one day, I will wake up as joyous and happy as my dog seems to be, but right…

Jan 26
BIG DOG little dog. What Is It and Why You Should Care.

"Did you know that squeak is there to mimic what happens in nature when a feral dog…

Aug 12
Dog Days of Summer, Calming Fear Of Thunderstorms in Dogs

Another hot and humid summer is well underway. Along with summer comes those famous…

Jun 12
Maca: A Massively Healthy Miracle Root For Pets

There have been many studies done in Peru that suggest Maca’s efficacy in a wide range…

Jan 14
Overweight Dogs: Has Your Pooch Gained A Few Holiday Pounds?

As much as you love your dog, it can be difficult sometimes to just say “no!” We are…

Oct 09
Itching And Scratching And Shedding Oh My!

Dogs should be bathed at least once a month and no more than once a week. In some…