Category: Bird and Parrot Care

Birds and Parrots require special care. This category is about their needs and how to properly care for them.

Jul 06
Components of a Nutritious Bird Diet

Fresh high quality vegetation (fresh or lightly cooked) can bring additional nutrients…

Oct 26
Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Black cockatoos are almost exclusively left-footed (along with nearly all other…

Mar 13
Why Bird Toys Are Important

Avian behaviorists who have spent time observing parrots in the wild have…

Sep 30
Three Misconceptions About Living With Parrots

Sure parrots can be loud, but most people can tolerate a bit of noise. It is the loud,…

Sep 27
Feather Picking Plaguing Your Parrot?

Many diseases and disorders have been found as the cause of FDB so this behavior can…

Sep 09
Companion Parrot Ownership: What You Need to Know

So now the truth. Parrot ownership is hard. Parrots are loud, messy, moody, and at…