Resolutions for Pets – A Natural Approach to Pet Health

Resolutions for pets

Resolutions for pets? As we step into a new year, it’s a natural time for many of us to think about our New Year’s resolutions, and one resolution that’s increasingly gaining importance is setting resolutions for pets. We want to ensure that our beloved furry companions lead healthy and fulfilling lives alongside us.

In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift towards more holistic and natural approaches to pet health. These resolutions for pets involve embracing practices such as better nutrition, herbal remedies, botanicals, and homeopathic solutions, instead of relying solely on synthetic pharmaceuticals or invasive treatments. The pet health market has responded to this trend with an array of new products, foods, supplements, and services.

However, this surge in options can sometimes be overwhelming, and it’s essential to sift through the information carefully, as not all sources are equally reliable. Many pet owners are not aware that traditional veterinary medicine primarily follows an allopathic philosophy, which emphasizes FDA-approved drugs and surgical procedures for managing disease symptoms. While these conventional treatments have their merits, they often focus on symptom control rather than addressing the root causes of health issues.

So, what are the resolutions for pets that can set them on the path to better well-being?

It starts with tailored nutrition, recognizing that each pet has unique dietary needs. Just like their wild ancestors, domestic dogs and cats are natural carnivores. Their bodies are designed to thrive on animal-based nutrients, and they don’t require an abundance of fruits, vegetables, or grains. In the wild, they would consume an entire prey animal, reaping the benefits of diverse proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and hydration from different cuts of meat, bones, and organs.

Another crucial aspect of these pet resolutions is the incorporation of herbs and botanicals.

While many traditional carnivores do not naturally consume vegetables, fruits, or grains, some pets exhibit a craving for these foods. This craving can be an indicator of nutritional imbalances resulting from inappropriate diets. In the wild, animals may acquire herbs and botanicals from the water sources they drink.

In addition to nutrition, it’s crucial to consider physical activity in your resolutions for pets.

Our pets eagerly await our return home after a day of work or errands, but they may have spent most of their day being sedentary. This lack of physical activity can lead to health problems such as obesity, liver and kidney issues, and behavioral challenges. Therefore, it’s imperative to allocate time for regular exercise, whether it’s walking, running, or playing games like fetch.

Grooming also plays a vital role in maintaining pet health. Pay special attention to their eyes, ears, teeth, and nails. Furthermore, opt for healthy treats and provide natural, unprocessed foods, along with access to clean air and water. These are essential components of the resolutions for pets that will contribute to their overall well-being.

In conclusion, as we embark on the journey of a brand new year, remember that resolutions for pets can be just as important as those for ourselves.

Commit to providing your furry friends with the best possible foods and products, accompanied by a generous dose of love and care. These natural choices will not only prevent the onset of diseases but also help rebalance their overall health. Keep in mind that ensuring disease-free longevity for your pets begins with fostering a healthy lifestyle. You have control over their diet, so let’s make the best choices together.

Bill Piechocki, an animal scientist, pet specialist, and nutritionist, is the CEO of My Paleo Pet in Pompano Beach, FL. He hosts the Pet Health Café Web Radio Show and has over 50 years of expertise in pet care. You can listen to his show on Wednesday nights or contact My Paleo Pet for a consultation at 954-971-2500. They’re always happy to help.

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