Maca: Massively Healthy Miracle Root For Pets

There have been many studies done in Peru that suggest Maca’s efficacy in a wide range of ailments. Studies indicate Maca has nutritional, energizer, and fertility-enhancer properties, and it acts on sexual dysfunctions, osteoporosis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, memory and learning, and protects skin against ultraviolet radiation.
Maca root for dogs and cats article

By Shelly Allen

Maca is a massively healthy root supplement for dogs, cats, and horses! When it comes to all-around nutrition that enhances the function of every system in the body, it can’t be beaten! I use it myself with amazing and noticeable health benefits. Imagine what it can do for YOUR pet.

What is Peruvian Maca Root?

To start, Maca is a root vegetable that is grown in the high altitudes of the Peruvian Central Andes. It grows in some pretty inhospitable conditions and it’s one of the few crops that can! Indigenous people began cultivating the root vegetable over 2,000 years ago after noticing the positive effects wild Maca had on their livestock. Their livestock had tremendous energy and much-improved fertility.

Additionally, the first written references to it come from the Spanish explorers and conquerors of the 1500s. They also took note of its benefits as it boosted fertility and health in their cattle imported from Spain. Both indigenous and Spanish soldiers used the root to prepare themselves for battle.

What Is It Good For?

Now, many studies done in Peru suggest Maca’s efficacy in a wide range of ailments. Studies indicate it has nutritional, energizer, and fertility-enhancing properties, and it acts on sexual dysfunctions, osteoporosis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, memory, and learning, and protects skin against ultraviolet radiation. It is a plant with great potential as an adaptogen and appears to be promising as a nutraceutical in the prevention of several diseases.

How Can Maca Help My Dog and Cat?

Since the Incas discovered Maca Roots’ exceptional health benefits by noticing the effects on their livestock, it is reasonable to confer those benefits to other animal species. Not to mention that studies have been done with animals that show that they benefit from supplementation just as humans do!

What’s In It?

Peruvian Maca contains a variety of essential vitamins, which support a number of animal body systems and processes. It contains one of the highest concentrations of essential amino acids, which help regulate various cellular functions in the body including endocrine and reproductive functions.

Additionally, it contains 20 free fatty acids, which help support proper cellular function. It is comprised of approximately 40% saturated acids and 55% non-saturated acids. The most abundant fatty acids adding to its nutritional value are linolenic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid. It is absolutely packed with nutrition that is beneficial not only for your pet but for you, too!

How Do I Give Maca to My Dog or Cat?

Supplementing with a pet with Maca is super easy. Most pets love the taste and you can buy it in powder, capsules, or tincture. We prefer powder. It’s easy to sprinkle onto wet or dry food. For cats, you’ll want to use a 1/4 teaspoon per day. Dogs would need 1/2 Teaspoon to 1 full Teaspoon depending on the size of the dog. Horses need a bit more but generally, 2 Tablespoons per day is enough for horses. Give it to them daily for one month and then 5 days per week thereafter.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Maca?

Read this article if you’d like a complete breakdown of the nutrients you can expect your pet to receive from Peruvian maca supplementation.

Buy the same high-quality maca root that we use for both ourselves and our pets.

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