Gentle Pet Crossing is a pet funeral home in Lake Worth, Florida. Owned and operated by Juanique and Jacque Chadinha-Branca, it offers a variety of afterlife care services for your pet. The pair’s love for animals and their desire to help people through difficult times led them into pet afterlife care. Now, after two careful years of planning, working through headaches, and logistics, the Gentle Pet Crossing dream has become a reality.

Their main service is pet cremation through aquamation, a relatively new way of processing a pet’s remains. The process utilizes water versus fire, making it more gentle and eco-friendly. Water gently flows over the remains speeding up what happens naturally when a body returns to the earth. Instead of taking weeks, the process takes less than 24 hours. It also returns 20% more remains back to the pet owner for memorialization.

One of the hardest things for pet owners is coping with the grief that comes from losing a pet. Whether it’s expected or unexpected, losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. Quality, pet afterlife care can help ease the pain.

Unlike other crematories or funeral homes, Gentle Pet Crossing provides an uplifting, peaceful experience for grieving families. Their indoor sanctuary is complete with a prayer box, living walls, waterfalls, wooden floors, comfortable couches, and seating. They also play calming music to bring you peace and tranquility during your visit. Their environment makes Gentle Pet Crossing a tranquil place for families to pay their respects to their animal family members.

Along with aquamation and a calming sanctuary, Gentle Pet Crossing also offers other services, including:

In-home or on-site euthanasia, pet pick-up service either from your home or your veterinarian’s office, private memorial services in their sanctuary, large choice of urns, and keepsakes such as cremation urn key chains, nose and paw impressions, personalized portraits, stainless steel jewelry, and urn jewelry.

All services are by appointment only.

For more information about Gentle Pet Crossing visit their business profile listing or their website.

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