My Happy Dog Has Taught Me 9 Amazing Things

Maybe one day, I will wake up as joyous and happy as my dog seems to be, but right now, I’ll just revel in his unwavering joy and happiness.

1.You will never find my happy dog wasting time or energy worrying. He has no sense of time, past, or future.

2. My happy dog doesn’t hold grudges…ever! Therapists have said that five minutes or so is a healthy time to hold onto a grudge, any longer and it’s too long.

3. A happy dog doesn’t need to impress anyone. He is who he is, imperfect at times, but that is enough for him.

4. When he gets tired after playing at the beach, I lie down and rest with him, even if I have a schedule to keep and it puts me behind. Harboring no guilt, he does not protest or offer to wait for me tomorrow, he just lays there and enjoys it. My happy dog knows he is worth all of the love he receives and he accepts it happily.

5. My dog greets me with the same ecstatic welcome no matter if I’ve just gone to the mailbox, or been out all day. After an extended time away, he doesn’t sit on his laurels with his arms folded tight and announce “It’s time we talk about your commitment to this relationship!” He’s just happy to see me and shows me so!

6. I never have to guess what he’s thinking…when he’s happy, he wags his tail. If he’s feeling bad, he cries, when he wants to play, he runs to me with a ball, and when he wants to be left alone he walks away. No fake handshakes or social smiles. It’s that simple.

7. If I would just focus on MY goals, the way my dog focuses on the ball I’m about to throw, I could build bridges and have anything I ever wanted!

8. My happy dog knows that life will take care of him so he doesn’t worry, that his purpose is to just enjoy and he finds happiness and the adventure in life just as it is.

9. Having never read a self-help book, or gone to therapy or a seminar; he is still spiritually fit and just a really happy dog!

Maybe one day, I will wake up as joyous and happy as my dog seems to be, but right now, I’ll just revel in his unwavering joy and happiness.

By Jamie Michael

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