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  • Dealing with the Guilt.
    by Ginger-lyn Summer

    Guilt. It’s a word that can invoke in us the deepest, most terrible feelings of loss, horror, anger, and helplessness. Why did I do what I did? Why couldn’t I have done more? Did I kill my beloved pet? Did I not do enough? Did I do too much? Did I put him/her down too soon? Did I wait too…[Read more]

    By Margaret Muns, DVM


    Grief is the normal response to any important loss in life. It occurs regardless of whether death followed a prolonged illness, or a sudden accident. Grieving people experience both physical and emotional traumas as they try to adapt to the upheaval in their lives brought…[Read more]

  • We know what it feels like to lose your best buddy. It’s one of the hardest things a person will go through. We’re here for you. We get it and we’re sorry for your loss.

  • Choosing a pet friendly hotel can be confusing. It’s important to get some questions answered before you book your stay. It will put your mind at ease and make certain your pet is comfortable as well! So we’ve […]

  • 2020 was not the year that anyone expected. The beginning of the new decade brought with it so much hope for a year of growth and renewal. But what we got was a global pandemic, lockdowns, and business closures […]

  • I read in a local paper that Broward County residents were fighting, and fighting hard to pass a law to make problem dog breeds like pitbull and pitbull mixes illegal in Broward County, similar to what happened […]

  • Our quest to provide our pets with great health began by looking at the history of our domestic animal family members. Evidence shows that canine family members have existed for over 20,000 years and feline […]

  • Gentle Pet Crossing is a pet funeral home in Lake Worth, Florida. Owned and operated by Juanique and Jacque Chadinha-Branca, it offers a variety of afterlife care services for your pet. The pair’s love for […]

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  • God boy, Red Dog. Good Boy. 😭

    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

    Posted by Product City on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

    2 years, 3 months ago

  • Many dogs have developed a fear of thunderstorms so severe it affects their health. These dogs must have medication to get through the storms. If only we had a crystal ball to let us know when the unexpected […]

  • Stolen birds are a huge concern for me! Not because they’re valuable, not because they’re possessions, but because they are my babies. After 20 years, I can not fathom the thought of not hearing that fam […]

  • Preparing your pets for hurricane season. You spend the better part of the season supplying your home with shutters, batteries, flashlights, generators, radios, food, water, and other personal necessities. […]

  • The Cat Pee Bandit. I have four cats. They are the sweetest, most lovable, and most beautiful little things on the planet. I’ve got one, and I could never figure out which one it was, but I had one that’s a cat p […]

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