Hours: 8 am – Dusk

Pembroke Pines Dog Park Features

  • Benches
  • Covered Benches
  • Dog Play Areas
  • Water Fountains
  • Dog Wash

This park is a well-known place for pets and their owners to gather and play. It features two separate play areas according to the dog’s size, and various obstacles to go through. There are also benches for owners to relax and watch. This park is also home to our Annual Bow-Wow-Ween Costume Contest.


PJ First Impressions: The dog park is huge. It has two entrances which are nice because it keeps the big dogs and small dogs separate the entire time. There are lots of built-in toys for the dogs to run around and play on, which also seems to be a lot of fun for the dogs. We like that there is a water fountain and a dog wash area for those dogs that like to roll around in the dirt and mud or other smelly things. The covered benches are nice but there's really not much in the way of shade at the park so a hot, sunny day is going to be amplified. The bottom line is this dog park has a lot going for it and you really can't wrong by utilizing it.

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