Emerald Hills Lakes Dog Park Features

  • Bench
  • Small Dog and Large Dog Areas
  • Double Gated
  • Water
  • Waste Bags
  • Four Foot Fence Surrounding

PJ First Impressions:  If we weren't following our GPS to get there, we would have thought we were going the wrong way. This dog park is truly a neighborhood dog park. It is small and nestled in a cozy and cute little neighborhood in Hollywood. There is no parking so you have to park on the street across from the park, which isn't really a big deal, just more confusing than anything. There is one bench and a very small area for small dogs. The big dog area is much nicer because it's a large area. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed and I think that has to do with the location. All in all this is a really nice park, but it is small and has a much more "neighborhood" feel.

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