Walking Tour of This Dog Park
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Dog dock jumping now allowed at the Bill Metcalf Sailing Center at Tigertail Lake
The lake faces Ravenswood Road/Anglers Ave. and is located at the opposite end from the sailboats – just behind Bass Pro Shop.

The Lake
The lake is gorgeous and available for you to use to swim your dog on the days we are open. To find out when we are open, check the calendar page. Please note: swimming by humans is not allowed at the park. You can walk and wade in the water but the city ordinance forbids swimming for us two-leggers.

The lake is open year round but once the temperatures reach around 70 degrees in the winter we will make a judgement call whether to open or not. It gets colder at the lake than at our homes because the wind whips over the lake. Also if the weather looks bad as it often does in the summer when mother nature likes to threaten us with storms we will make a judgement call an hour before we are set to open as to whether we will open or not. If we decide to close we will change the calendar for that day to show that we will be closed due to weather. We will also post on our Facebook page that we won’t be open that day.


The fees for admission to the park which includes the entire time we are open that day are as follows:

Weekends and Holidays: Doggy Beach $4.00 per dog, Dock Use: $6.00 per dog.
Weekdays: Doggy Beach $3.00 per dog, Dock Use $6.00 per dog.

If you pay for the dock, the use of the beach is included. If you didn’t pay for the dock, please don’t use the dock.
*We don’t currently don’t accept credit cards for lake admission.

Please note that we are not like a regular dog park you may have been to in the past. We encourage owners to interact with their dogs, not to just set them free to entertain themselves. Please watch your dog and interact with your dog while you are at the lake. Teaching your dog to retrieve a toy out of the water is one of the best ways to entertain your dog while at the park not to mention some of the most tiring! If your dog is a toy stealer, please be cognicent of this and not allow your dog to steal other dog’s toys or at least return the toy to the owner as soon as possible.

Please be sure to pick up after your dog. If you don’t have poop bags with you that day we have poop bag stations around the park to make it easy for you to help us keep the park clean. Thanks for your cooperation!

Thank you to the City of Dania Beach for making our dream of a safe place to swim our dogs a reality!

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