Barkham at Markham Park

  • 16001 W State Rd 84, Sunrise, FL 33326, USA

About Barkham at Markham Park

Barkham at Markham Park: Where Dogs Delight in Sunrise, Florida

If you’re among the more than 90 million American households that own at least one dog, consider visiting Barkham at Markham Park with your four-legged companion(s).

Located within the sprawling Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida, Barkham is a canine paradise, offering a leash-free haven for dogs to frolic and socialize. Opened in March 2005, this approximately three-acre, fenced-in dog park has become a beloved destination for dog owners and their furry friends.

A Dog’s Dream Playground

Barkham at Markham Park is not your average dog park. It was meticulously designed to cater to both dogs and their human companions, creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. One of its standout features is the division into sections for large and small dogs, ensuring that pups of all sizes can play safely and comfortably.

One remarkable aspect of Barkham is its lush Bermuda sod, which blankets the entire park, providing a smooth, even, and grassy surface for dogs to run, roll, and romp on. This carefully chosen landscaping sets Barkham apart as the first dog park in the county to feature such a luxurious playing surface.

Amenities for Both Dogs and Owners

Barkham at Markham Park goes above and beyond to make sure both dogs and their owners have an unforgettable time. For dog owners, there are plenty of amenities to make your visit enjoyable. The park boasts eight-foot-wide asphalt paths that wind through the park, perfect for leisurely strolls or invigorating jogs with your canine companions.

In the Florida sun, staying hydrated is crucial, and Barkham caters to this need. The park features three shelters, two of which offer fountains dispensing chilled water for humans. After all, staying cool and refreshed while your dogs play is essential. Speaking of dogs, they have their own designated fountains to ensure they stay well-hydrated during their playtime.

For those inevitable messy moments, Barkham offers an area for washing dogs of all sizes. So, whether your pup enjoys rolling in the mud or just needs a quick rinse before heading home, this facility has you covered. And for the convenience of all visitors, the entire dog park is fully accessible.

Park Hours and Accessibility

Barkham at Markham Park aligns its operational hours with the park’s regular schedule. This means that you can enjoy the dog park during Markham Park’s standard operating hours, providing plenty of time to spend quality moments with your dog.

Markham Park itself is a gem, featuring a wide array of recreational opportunities beyond Barkham. From nature trails and picnic areas to a shooting range and an observatory, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, you can make a day of it, exploring both Markham Park and the canine oasis of Barkham.

Barkham at Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida, is a testament to the community’s commitment to creating a welcoming and enjoyable space for dogs and their owners. With its lush grass, thoughtful amenities, and inclusive design, it’s a place where dogs can be dogs and their owners can make lasting memories. So, whether you’re a local dog owner or just passing through, be sure to check out Barkham at Markham Park during your next visit – your furry friend will thank you for it!

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