The Benefits of Canine Massage

Whatever the size dog you have, Chihuahua or a Great Dane, low energy or high energy, young or old, massage is beneficial to your dog.
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By Tamara Aull, CTCM


Dogs love canine massage and it can provide better health and fitness for your dog through all stages of their life.

Massage increases energy, concentration, and alertness. It enhances immune system function; promotes longevity and slows the degenerative process. Massage can help with fear, separation anxiety, trauma, grieving, aggression and overweight dogs.

So whatever the size dog you have, Chihuahua or a Great Dane, low energy or high energy, young or old, massage is beneficial to your dog with their physical and emotional health.

There are several types of Canine Massage:
• Therapeutic provides for good muscle health, relaxation, recovery from injury or surgery
• Sports focuses on prevention of injuries, warm up and cool down during sports events
• Trigger Point Therapy to provide full range of motion and relief from muscular pain
• Senior supports the immune system, circulation, helps with pain management and improves emotional well-being.
• Palliative massage is becoming an integral part of care for the end of life cycle. Massage can provide temporary relief from pain by comforting the body, emotional support and lasting memories with the family to provide love and care to the end. The goal is to make your pet’s final days or weeks more pleasant, help with pain and comfortable.
• Rainbow or End of Life massage is for total relaxation, energy and love to send our loved dogs onto their next journey.

Successful massage stories:

Gunner is an eight-year-old active Australian Shepherd who loves to pull on his leash when he walks. I noticed his head started drooping and he was not sitting up straight, and his posture changed. I gave Gunner weekly sports massage, concentrating on the head, neck, shoulders and back areas. With specific stretches and deep tissue massaging in these areas, his posture became more erect and his neck was not slouching. It was a remarkable difference.

Bear started out as a high stressed rescue dog. He has great fear for loud noises, lightening and fireworks. Many dogs become stressed out over these noises, however; Bear tries to escape, opens windows and becomes very destructive.

The owner’s goal was to calm him down so they could both live with less stress. I put him on a weekly massage program using calming strokes, essentials oils and relaxing music. Each week we could see Bear becoming more relaxed and now he will not run at the first loud noise. He still does not like fireworks but is much calmer when there is a storm or fireworks.

I first became aware of canine massage when I started agility competition with my energetic Australian Shepherd, Angel. We started trials when she was seven, a little older than most people start training but she had an abundance of energy and loved it.

During a three day agility competition I gave her massages and could see the benefits in her performance, with less bars dropped and sustained energy level the entire weekend.

As she advanced in age I gave her massage for arthritis and to help her with range of motion and circulation. She loved her massages and would totally relax.

At fifteen years old she was having a hard time walking and getting around, so I increased her to weekly massages. This helped her with pain and blood circulation for her back and hind legs.

When I felt her quality of life did not match her personality I planned a special day for her. She did all the favorite things she loved, swimming and having her buddies over. I gave her a Rainbow massage or end of life massage.

I had an in home veterinary service come to my house; it was beautiful to see her totally relaxed as she moved on to her next journey. Angel inspired me to become a certified massage therapist because I saw how it improved her life. I love helping owners and their dogs live life to their fullest potential in health and spirit. Canine massage is worth considering for your best buddy! I am a Certified Therapeutic Canine Massage Therapist will come to your home for the comforts of your dog.


Tamara Aull, CTCM owns Angel Paws Massage. Visit her website or reach her at 561 – 512 – 8768.

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